Tuscan Temptations - stories of my journeys through Italy

The first time I experienced Florence was in 2001 and the sense of nostalgia was immediate and lasting. Here began a love affair with Italy and in particular the region of Tuscany. I wanted to fall in love, be an artist and create works here to reflect the beauty of nature and mankind here. More than ten years have passed since that first encounter and I am still on that pilgrimage with a regular (almost annual) return.

Back in 2001,  I was supposed to be in Florence for a brief three days before heading onto Milan, which I had visited many times for my work when I was working in fashion), so when the opportunity presented itself to spend another few days, I jumped at the idea.

Soaking up the atmosphere of a European Spring, with the art, the culture and the history was intoxicating. Here I was finally, in a place I felt I truly belonged.  Art speaks no one language, so it transcends time and age. If I could put my feelings of that first visit into one word it would have to be “Freedom”.

So my adventure really started in Tuscany, and although I have traveled to several other Italian regions and cities…..none will ever hold my heart like Florence.


tuscan temptations 1.jpg